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Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common health problems we face today. With nearly 30 Million Americans suffering from OA, the US Medical Expenses exceed $185.5 Billion dollars spent annually on treating conditions associated with Osteoarthritis, including knee pain, back pain, Post Traumatic OA, and many other joint conditions. Though current non-surgical Osteoarthritis (OA) treatment options show potential to offer temporary symptomatic relief, they have side effects and are ineffective at treating the root cause of OA. 


Arthritic joints make several chemicals that destroy the cartilage, which is the essence of osteoarthritis. These chemicals, called catabolic proteases, work by degrading cartilage and damaging your joint by breaking down the cells. 


Alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M), found naturally in the blood, binds (captures) these "bad" chemicals produced in the knee and neutralizes their degenerative effect.


Injections of concentrated A2M is expected to be the first treatment for OA that can inhibit all causes of cartilage breakdown and thereby prevent cartilage loss, reduce pain, and stop the progression of OA. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Gaetano Scuderi offers a breakthrough molecular technology that concentrates the A2M in your blood to deliver high concentrations in your joint space to protect your joint space from the destructive proteins that cause OA. 


A2M treatment exemplifies natural healing backed by proven science that protects your joints from OA, promotes tissue growth, and supports restoration of your affected joint.


Conditions Treated
  • Tendonitis

  • Cartilage Injury

  • Ligament Instability

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Gout

  • Bursitis

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